Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Starting the blog......

Well here I am after dragging myself away from freecad after a mishap (remember to constantly save your work), I decided to start my blog on the Prusa I3 3d printer build to support others out there maybe to use here as extra guidance.
As there is so much  have encountered so far, this will be cut in sections, as my build is on Indiegogo trying to cut the build time down due to only being able by a part when I can afford to.

Aim project

My aim is to be able to get the cost down on this particular printer and make it more affordable to a general person, its important that this technology is open to everyone as it gets people working together to solve problems and invent new ideas. 

Today's Technology  Tomorrows Future

It has fascinated me from wanting something made for fishing and stumbling onto reprap and 3d printing, My background  experience has been working with machinery and technology is widely vast from operating abb robots, press brakes, cnc press brakes, plasmas and laser cutters, trumpf punch cutters, cnc grinding machines and lens cutting machines.
Having that much interest in engineering and seeing the small footprint equipment being developed, it is good news for the hobbyists, even if not just for a hobbyist there's a lot of expensive things out there that can brake but cost a lot to get replaced how about just making it yourself.

Learning curve

I can be honest with you at this point of the project, I have realised its a lot to take on just to learn the basic cad drawing 3d design. I started to use openscad, just creating mash ups learning to understand the code which the internet has cast resources of help. I will not go on about the cad software now that will be compile in a separate post.
On the mechanics side I will be ok with, electronics will be another learning curve to come up against later on.

What's next well the pictures and parts I have got so far and what changes I have done to to the printed parts for the frame