Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Well dusted off and back in action

Hi sorry guys for being away but i've got back in full swing and thought id carry on doing calibration tests so i did this cube which looked ok layer wise and finish, but when measured the x and y dimensions which was slightly out
Take just one moment here to remind you all, just because one print may look good on finish just plod on and calibrate.

My method of calibration took me the point in just trying to print things for my printer (quality is not needed for my printer aslong as the parts workable) and use that to calibrate.

I needed a new fan mount get rid of the temporary metal one i made 1st attempt  was too thin and flimsy.

2nd design was stronger  print quality isnt superb but alot better than before i packed up for xmas even using pla stored in a shed for 6mnths, so all things.

Here it is on my machine

After seeing someone in the forum wanted too some i3 corners i said id print them, i only had a bit of pla left on the spool so i printed these out which did turn out better then i thought but still had issuse like oval holes, they was better than mine though where i paid money for so when i replaced the two blue at front i knoticed the blue ones had low infill properties i need to print 2 more for the back

ill leave this post as it and do another one...

as this just a update and i need a big write up on the autobed levelling upgrade on my printer
and the new extruder drive system the Flex3drive