Friday, 28 June 2013

amazing technology finds

Id thought id do yet another partial uncompleted post but will try to update it when necessary  there is a lot of technology out there for makers which I like, for instance the laser origami,you guys probably whats so wow about it well, as working with a cnc press brake   with sheet metal I am sure that you could use it in a same way but plastic the use for this in the way I would like to take this whole experience of reprap 3d printing would be able to make enclosures for the machine I build

This one is another find which has to mentioned, the possibilities are endless how about spending money on a machine which basically do wood work, ok I fancy a new coffee table umm, I think you know where im going with that one here is the link for the kick-starter too Handibot

Thursday, 27 June 2013


My endstop placings

Heres how i have my endstops too my knowledge + and - does not matter which way but i have mine as shown in reds in the below picture.

 my endstops are wired this way 

now this probably depends on what machine and how you want to run your setups, as some have the z endstop placed at the top, in my case i want a probe system in the future

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pictorial update

Pictorial update

Extruder and motor

Finally found a motor (PG35 D48) well luckily some on the irc channel had a spare.I hope that there will be supplier for these motors although I have heard some good and bad points in these motors, the wiring was a bit difficult trying to match which colour to match the extension kit wire I got with my ramps.

Y carriage and Heatbed preparation

 I made some bearing holders WELL I got some one to print them for the design flaw that once cable tied they would slide, after days think should I get the redesigned ones printed or not, I decided not to as it build up the costs, show am I going fit the heatbed my y carriage is m4 and heatbed holes are 3mm. There wasnt enough room to put a bolt through and a nut on the other end or will foul against the frame, after days of thinking use countersunk m3 the reverse way there maybe enough clearance but i wasnt going bother until i thought how about sticking the them and then cable tie them the glue should be ok, but maybe get the redesigned ones in when I get my printer printing.

Power supply

 Well this was another idea the 360 hack I thought I would not splice the psu but actually solder the wires to the pins of a female connector, but that failed so I wired it straight to the ramps connector I added a fan for the ramps box the spliced s 11amp side rail and a switch which will be chanced to a 2 pin connector for the ps_on control on ramps.

Ramps Box 

I wanted a ramps box instead of it being on the frame it brilliant thanks to irc member Mutley

everything fits i think ill add some additions to original design once my printers fully working

The Clean up

Here is a few pictures of the i3 put on a solid piece  kitchen side boarded free off cut at b and q I routed out two slits for the frame to fit snugly  
mounted the ramps box tidied a few wires up to but getting there slowly and the jhead arrived slight probe the top hat is 4.7mm and the hole in my extruder is 3.7mm the diamiater was spot on a slight file and it fits snugly, I have solved it ill put two washers between the mount plate and extruder

<<Here i have a dodgy j head bracket figure something out before print