Monday, 12 June 2017

The Rebuild


So I decided to rebuild my prusa i3 printing upgrades covert every axis to leadscrew eventually, parts I've used so far are from thingiverse the y frame holders are these Single piece Y ends for Prusa i3 , It was to get rid of some of the threaded rod, the z brackets are these Prusa i3 lead screw upgrade but changing them because the x axis parts which are these Lead Screw X + Z have a 17mm distance from the center of the motor and the 8mm z-rail, so I am going to use the original prusa motor brackets and my re-design for the top, in the top brackets I have made it to take 698zz bearing as the x motor and x idle end uses them, so I am not buying two types of bearings. I am going to attempt to run this by a mks base and a computer psu price of upgrade apart from filament around £35 as I do posses the controller

What will it be used for you may say

Well testing bench, I am want to looking into pcb making,engraving and a still a 3d printer to benchmark products

Here is a couple of pictures i will release the top brackets once i know they fit correctly