Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Back to calibration

Well went back to calibration prints try get a bit better reliable prints after having blobs perimetar on 1st layer I decided to print calibration cubes. Thanks too my friend on irc who told me to change a few things, which has improved my printer. Now I have the flex3drive working properly I did my first cube in slic3r experimental and took of retraction I got a .4 nozzle so set everything to extrude 0.4mm width and layer height it started not extruding so I put temp up from 200 to 210 and  flow too 200 on the lcd controller print went better.
So i started again thinking it can't be the flow so kept that same and raised temperature and printed the 2nd cube which ended up with a layer change upper part of the print but looked ok, apart from that i must be having my heatbed to hot notice the colour and wavey layers at bottom.
So i decided now the quality im expecting from this machine may not for some but understand, this printer wasnt bought as a kit parts was singley sourced and built by myself when there was much write up how to assemble it and not many decent modifications out there.
I decided to try cura again for some reason it doesnt like 0.4 layer height i dont know reason why as 0.4 faster printing and for what i want to make doesnt need high resolution prints. I was shocked on the first two attemps i got blob which i had cancel but looked as if i got rid of that program it would print ok. So i unticked retraction and changed 1mm retraction length and 40mm/s speed, although i unticked in basic confused with having it advanced tab also changed it to 0.3 layer height. I was shocked when it was printing no blobs pretty good speed apart from slight shift on x but not as bad as before it went back to same position so it wouldn't cause much issues for the parts im going to print. Finally may have cracked my nemisis program cura only more printing will i be able to find out heres a picture of the cura cube
Well I went down to 0.2mm and even better but I forgot that I was printing 0.4 width and set the perimeter wrong forgot to change it to 1.2 which would of given me three perimeters but it was set at 0.6 so its thin walled but still came out nice 

I thought of showing a short video of my printer printing at 35 m/s with feedrate 200%