Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New users to 3d printing

Well what can i say the increase of 3d printing and reprap has gone through the roof the past 3 yrs i've own my i3, now the issue with all the cheap chinese i3s and different companies jumping on the band wagon it seems they miss out the vital information to the user, Calibration.
Reprap machines are not plug and play I have had mine 3yrs, swap few things around and still i don't think it's calibrated enough.

Starting my I3 when Prusa mendal I2 was basically fully developed, was difficult because there was only few out there and not many variations, and its annoying to see on forums how many people struggle with these cheap kits or others, their down fall is they try to give you instructions how its built and where things go from their instruction as if its their design and  their product.


1. if instructions on paper throw in bin

2. Goto Prusa i3 wiki Follow the build instructions

3. Calibration Triffid Hunter's Calibration Guide

I have been having issues with 1st layer my bed at 60 degrees and printing pla, I had 1st layer set at 0.3 and i was squashing it down to 0.1mm because of my z offset to prob was properly configured.
When i set it correctly it would not stick to the bed, now i have found the cure and that's pritt stick,

That goes to show that there's always something that's not calibrated proper and myself never spent time calibrating the auto leveling bed aspect when i put it in place a year ago. and squishing the 1st layer worked apart from im 0.2mm different on the z height on parts, which isnt good because i want parts with correct dimensions.

Anyone reading this and its a reference

Home position is front left corner on a i3 so have your endstops that it homes that way x on left y on the back obviously z min position

Good luck

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