Friday, 22 May 2015

Project backburner

Im putting the ultimaker build on the backburner as I have a shapeoko 2 needs finishing. So I have changed to printing parts for the shapeoko 2 no which one is the cable chain.
Theres loads of models out there which I have tried to print before but they never seemed to be big enough for the cables im going to route through. I found a shapeoko hd drag chain model and printed four chains out. It was fun trying to rub pritt stick on bed after noticing that part of the outer  brim was laying down. When I got too the overhang I went to myself dam these need support so I stopped the print.
They not perfect I extruded at 200c and .3mm layer height as looks not important but functionality is. The finish to them show me im extruding too much plastic, so next batch of four I will adjust my e steps slightly and will not forget about support.  I will use these as a test and calibration because they will still function as they should aslong as they come out like they should meaning no mis print error. Heres some pictures of the four I printed

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