Monday, 11 May 2015

Prusa i3 upgrade to Ultimaker



I thought I would start a fresh page to tell you what I am trying to achieve, I have got to a stage where I need to think about how I can print more parts at once as I want to try print quantities of reprap parts and print freelance work. I need to make this become another source of income to fund future developments.
Down to having a good learning machine which was built from ground up by sourcing parts and learning cad and calibrating it to do decent prints. Along the way its been a journey, things breaking things need fixing, upgrading various bits and doing test prints all the time.

I chose the Ultimaker because I think for the frame will be cheap for me to build by using hopefully Fablab Devon laser and sourcing the 6mm birch plywood, there are bits which I cut cost down on the frame as I am only using the frame parts, the rest will be 3d printed parts with a aluminium bed plate for heatbed. The is another reason because the printed parts to me look like the best upgrades.

Links to upgrades

1. Reptar xy! - Version Two by nhfoley
2, Motor corner (direct drive) by nhfoley
3. Flex3drive By Mutley3d


Reptar xy

I found that these was hard to position only got 2 sets at the moment as the third set started with layer skip on the y due to a failing part on my printer so i abandoned it, (I willl print a replacement part and finish them off)

These was printed in Cura

Layer Height: 0.3
Infill: 25%
Speed: 30 mm/s

The quality is not too bad after taking the support material probably best useful parts I have done

I will keep you updated and will be editing this post regularly to add more pictures and adding to the list of upgrades

13/5/15 Update

Hi just a little update finished the set of reptars they took 25 minutes each, the quality improved but comes to my conclusion about 1st layer issues, I had done few first layer calibration as 1st layer is squashed in bed so I was adjusting the z offset to get my desired 0.3 1st layer height, when I actually got in do partial of the 1st layer at 0.3 it didn't bond to the bed good, I may possibly maybe try bed at 70 next time, but definitely will using p1000 sandpaper and sand nozzle and run a 0.5mm drill bit through it if i can find one in my tool box, just because 80% that's  probably  more the issue why then the bed not being hot enough, for now I will just squish the 1st layer down I lose about 0.5mm in height but that's a tolerance i can live with until I clean nozzles but the quality of over layers have vastly improved with faster speeds I have previously done last year before I had the break.

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